Drive-by Fisticuffs…

I Just read in an article that a PA man punched a fast food drive through clerk in the face for not saying “Please” or “Thank You”.

A man who thought the clerk at a fast-food drive-through was rude for not saying “please” and “thank you” punched her in the face, police said. Duane L. Williams, angered by what he felt was the clerk’s rudeness, walked into the store to complain just before 8 p.m. Wednesday, Penn Hills police Chief Howard Burton said Friday.

Before the manager could meet with Williams, he walked back outside, pushed open the drive-through window and punched the 19-year-old woman in the face. The clerk was bruised, but not badly hurt, Burton said. – [Yahoo/AP]

OK. Can anyone say “amygdalic amygdala hijacking“?

I’ve seen my share of rude drive-through clerks. Believe me. And they did a whole lot more than opt to not say “Please” or “Thank You” in order to make that particular grade of anti-service. And while there has, in fact been at least one instance where I felt that a few knuckles in, or around, the grill area might have done wonders for a bad attitude, I consider myself fortunate to have never actually succumbed to the temptation to see if a fist will grow when planted about the nose area of a rude drive-through clerks face.

At least he realizes he has a problem. Anger management therapy anyone?

Man punches ‘rude’ drive-thru clerk – [Yahoo/AP]


Incidentally, while looking for better reference material about Amygdala Hijacking, I found the excellent articles below. Just thought I’d share… : )

The Amygdala Hijack – [Hay Group UK Newsletter]
How’s Your Emotional Intelligence? – [Womens Media.com]


2 Responses to “Drive-by Fisticuffs…”

  1. July 22, 2007 at 11:34 am

    I suspect you meant “amygdala hijacking” which is a concept from emotional intelligence by Goleman and others.

    If the person is motivated to change, an anger management class designed to teach skill enhancement in recognizing and managing anger, stress,mastering assertive communication and increasing emotional intelligence may help.

  2. July 22, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    Indeed I did.

    I actually have one of Daniel Golemans’ excellent Emotional Intelligence books, and meant to refer to it when writing this post, but I didn’t have it on hand to work with. I will update the post and links to reflect that. Thanks for the catch!

    BTW, For those reading who haven’t come across them, I highly recommend Daniel Golemans books on Emotional Intelligence, they are a great read!

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