The “Plight” of the Homeless…

Why are homeless people homeless? Is it because they are unemployable? Lazy? Have other physical, psychological conditions that prevent them from getting a job? Or is it because they’ve already found a career they like… Being homeless. Every homeless person usually has a reason for their homelessness, however it appears that if you don’t mind living in a cardboard box, or standing out in the sun all day, it might be a… well… rewarding experience:

Social workers in Paris were astonished to find more than 68,400 euros (94,250 dollars) on a homeless woman when they moved her off the street last week, police said.

The woman, named only as Denise, 66, had lived on the streets of Paris’s chic 15th arrondisement for 10 years but authorities moved her pitch on July 6 because she was dangerously close to a wall found to contain asbestos. – [Yahoo/AFP]

Now we don’t really know how this lady came by her stash, however I am told that, depending on where they are, what spots they pick, how they “set up” etc., homeless people can actually do well off the generosity of strangers. There is, perhaps, more to this homeless beggar thing than is immediately apparent. I have observed several homeless folk around the area I live, and have noticed an interesting pattern. The same people tend to appear at the same, high-traffic spots on specific days and at specific times. They never move far from the most highly trafficked areas. It is almost as if there is a rotation going.

And then you read stories like the ones here and here, and you realize that some homeless folk are homeless simply because they want to be. For them, being homeless is just as much a way of life as holding down a 9-to-5. That’s not to say it’s an easy life style. I don’t think standing out in the sun all day would be a fun exercise. At least not for me anyway. But nonetheless it puts the whole homeless thing in a different light doesn’t it…? I might get a permit and give it a shot…

Homeless Paris woman carried nearly 70,000 euros – [Yahoo-AFP]
Panhandlers might have more cash on hand than you do – [Action News 5 (Memphis)]
How much money do beggars make? – [The Straight Dope]


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