This is why I’m Hawt… This is why you’re not…

Today I thought I’d indulge in an interesting study in morality…

A mysterious blonde paid a visit to a petrol station shop in the small eastern German town of Doemitz on Sunday — wearing nothing but a pair of golden stilettos and a thin gold bracelet.

The tall, slender woman strolled into the shop in the town of Doemitz on the warm afternoon and bought cigarettes, petrol station employee Ines Swoboda told Reuters on Monday. – [Yahoo/Reuters]

Now compare that with this story…

A German bus driver threatened to throw a 20-year-old sales clerk off his bus in the southern town of Lindau because he said she was too sexy, a newspaper reported Monday.

“Suddenly he stopped the bus,” the woman named Debora C. told Bild newspaper. “He opened the door and shouted at me ‘Your cleavage is distracting me every time I look into my mirror and I can’t concentrate on the traffic. If you don’t sit somewhere else, I’m going to have to throw you off the bus.'” – [Reuters]

Now these articles represent, at least to my mind, a interesting illustration of the fundamental differences between American and European views of sexuality in general. I am almost certain that had these same set of circumstances occurred here in the good old U. S. of A., the exact opposite of what happened in Europe would have occurred. The bus driver would have kept his mouth shut for fear of violating a passengers rights, and some random stick-in-the-mud would have phoned the police on the naked blond.

I believe that this behavior in Americans is also indicative of a much deeper issue. In spite of the constant “Support of Personal Freedoms” chant we hear here in the US, the truth is, it seems that we only believe in the concept of individual freedoms and unalienable rights so long as our own individual beliefs have not been offended. Not our individual rights, just our individual beliefs. There is a big difference. The fact that you believe something does not make it a right. Trust me. Or not. That is your right

As a result of this, I believe we tend to focus too much on the wrong things. Think back to when you read the articles. Which scenario did you find more offensive? A totally nekkid, (save for a pair of gold stilettos, and a gold necklace) 30 year old, Ferrari-driving blond, at a gas station convenience store? Or a fully (relatively) clothed 20 year old on a bus whose plunging neckline was apparently so distracting as to have possibly caused an accident? And when you first answered this question in your head, did your personal moral values/beliefs take precedence, or your humanitarian instinct towards the preservation human life?

It is such irony that we seem to live in a society where, as a typical example, in any given movie, scenes depicting extreme violence, torture, dismemberment and death, are generally considered more acceptable and less socially heinous, than those with explicit sexual content. What does that say about our values as society? Methinks our moral priorities may be just a *wee bit* skewed… But then again that’s just my belief

Nude blonde, gold stilettos and a Ferrari… – [Yahoo/Reuters]
“Too sexy for my bus,” woman told – [Reuters]


3 Responses to “This is why I’m Hawt… This is why you’re not…”

  1. 1 typingisnotactivism
    July 23, 2007 at 11:24 pm

    not wanting to be callous but it all fits with the widespread mega-dumb. Highly processed artificial foods are somehow legitimately healthy because they have less colours or more fake vitamins or lower G.I., 30 dead college kids somehow matter waaaaay more than 650 000 dead of all ages, whole Christian cults are built on a homophobia which is supported in about 4 passages of the entire bible. Perry Farrell sang that sex is violent and in ways it is. It’s also playful, compassionate, caring, and real. Violence on TV makes sense – scare people reeeeeal good so they buy duct tape, mace, guns, and anything the government sells (as in bullshit and nationalism). It doesn’t make sense to put good sex on TV because it’s really not a spectator sport, but the people who fear, attack and censor it are likely more afraid of life than anything else. No surprise their approach to spiritual matters is generally so morbid.

  2. July 24, 2007 at 1:02 am

    “It is such irony that we seem to live in a society where, as a typical example, in any given movie, scenes depicting extreme violence, torture, dismemberment and death, are generally considered more acceptable…”

    I agree. We seem to embrace a culture of violence at a very young age in the West (movies, music, television, news media) … yet a celebrity being momentarily exposed at the Superbowl results in major FCC fines and more Government regulation.

  3. 3 SM
    July 24, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    I agree. The human body has become more taboo than a pistol in this country. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. 🙂

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