Double Lottery Jeopardy… What are the odds on that…?

A lottery winner doubled his share of the jackpot to nearly 1 million pounds after he mistakenly bought two lucky tickets for the same draw, organizers Camelot said Wednesday.Derek Ladner, 57, from Cornwall, and his wife Dawn, 60, won with their usual numbers in the mid-week draw, sharing the 2.4 million pounds jackpot with four other tickets.A week later, he found a second identical ticket in his wallet and realized he had absent-mindedly entered twice.

Their double-share of the jackpot is worth just under a million pounds. – [Reuters]

Now Here is an interesting trend. I submit to you these other interesting Lottery incidents:

N.Y. Woman Wins Jackpot — Twice – [CBS News/AP]

Georgia Man Wins Lottery Jackpot Twice – [About.com]

Pennsylvania woman wins $1M lottery twice – [KVOA News 4 Tuscon, AZ]

Couple win the lottery – twice – [IOL]

And these do not include a few other cases, specifically An Englewood lady and one other, that I couldn’t find reliable published sources to verify. Now I don’t exactly pay that much attention to the lottery, but the fact that even I am beginning to notice this unusual trend should have occurred to others as well.

Given the kind of odds against any single person winning the lottery, I find it absolutely amazing that double wins even occur, (granted the one that sparked this post is a unique case,) and even more it always amazes me how it could be possible to have multiple double wins by the same person, at different times even, occurs. What are the astronomical odds on that?

I need to start playing…

Lottery player wins twice by mistake – [Reuters]


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