Telecommunications and censorship…

If you are a regular at this here blog, you probably already know my opinion of censorship in general. To me, it makes no sense. Especially here in America. We, as a country, claim to value our personal freedoms, and as a result, pretty much any possible position on any given issue can be heard, especially if you have your ear to the right part of the ground.

So it seems paradoxical to me to see any large telecommunications companies like AT&T engaged in censorship:

While AT&T claimed to be just as outraged as we were over their censoring of Pearl Jam’s anti-Bush lyrics during their Lollapallooza stream, they might not be being all that honest. They claim that it was a one-time mistake made by an outsourced company. Really? According to Wired’s Listening Post, concerts streamed on the Blue Room by The Flaming Lips and the John Butler Trio have also been censored for political reasons. If true, this action coupled with past allegations aimed at AT&T suggests an unnerving pro-Bush political agenda from one of America’s biggest telecoms. – [Gizmodo]

This is, as the article stated, a somewhat “unnerving” discovery. While they are not a news agency and are therefore not required to be “fair and objective”, companies with far reaching influence, like the major telecoms, that have political agendas that can affect their users would be avoided like the plague by most freedom loving Americans.

As privately owned entities, they certainly have a right to their opinion. But they should be careful not to allow their opinions to infringe upon the rights of their customers. Of course that is just my opinion. But I daresay a lot of consumers would agree with me…

AT&T May Have Censored Bands’ Political Speech in the Past – [Gizmodo]


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