Is nothing sacred anymore?

Never mind, don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question. Though I think there really are truly few sacred things  in life anymore. And apparently a Bible is not one of them. Here’s proof:

A Singaporean judge sentenced a man to four months in jail for stealing a Bible, admonishing him with Scripture before hauling him off to prison, The Straits Times newspaper reported Wednesday. – [Yahoo/Reuters]

Ok, so at the risk of revealing/betraying what used to be my “good” Christian upbringing, my only thought is this: Of all the things to steal, a Bible is as good as any. And probably better than most. Why? Because at least now, he may learn something interesting.

And no, I am not a Bible thumper. Far from it. My approach to Christianity, and theism in general, is a little more pragmatic (for lack of a better word) than most. But the theist in me is still curious about why this guy felt that a Bible would be a lucrative score…

Thou shalt not steal — especially the Bible – [Yahoo/Reuters]


2 Responses to “Is nothing sacred anymore?”

  1. October 11, 2007 at 11:15 am

    I dont’ think he should have gotten 4 months in jail for stealing the bible when the judge read the bible to him at the sentencing. I mean, jeez. He wanted a friggin bible probably to read it. I say people should be able to steal bibles if they need them.

  2. October 11, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    Yeah, I agree, he really shouldn’t have had to do jail time for stealing a bible. I mean, imagine what it will be like in jail. “What you in for?” “Cut a mans heart out with a plastic spork. You?” “Nicked a Bible from the…” Stab, stab, stab, stab…

    No, not fair at all. In fact, they should be giving bibles away like candy. OK maybe not like candy, but…

    Of course now I’m also curious about who actually turned him in. I mean, what kind of priest turns in one of his flock for pilfering a copy of the “Good Book”. Really…

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