Taking loans from the bank of sex…

I came across an unfortunate article not too long ago. Rather unfortunate for the subject of the article. A bank manager who just didn’t have a good head for figures. Of either the female or financial variety:

A German bank manager gave loans to a woman for sex and then embezzled thousands of euros to buy the silence of her relatives, authorities said on Thursday.

In total, the man diverted some 520,000 euros ($760,000) from clients’ accounts, of which he gave about 70,000 euros to the woman, and kept 40,000 euros for himself.

Huh? Now hold on a second. According to my rusty mathematics, there is a good 41,000 euro deficit. What gives?

The biggest chunk of the cash went to her relatives who were blackmailing the bank manager, a married man with children. The manager had himself told her cousin about the sex deal. – [Yahoo/Reuters]

OOOKKKK then. How do I put this delicately. Ah. Bad form old chap.

See, here’s the thing. Notwithstanding the obvious and heinous ethical error of using your employers funds for your personal business, if you are so hard up for a date that you are willing to engage in the solicitation of sex from a stranger, then, just off the top of my head, even I can think of a several, vastly cheaper ways for you to get what you need. Not that I have any experience in that area. *cough*

Honestly, when you are stealing more to cover your blackmail note than you are making off with yourself, or your “accomplice” (for lack of a better word) for that matter, that’s just bad business. As a bank manager, I would have expected better.

Seriously. With 520,000 euros he could have paid for a live-in sex worker for those three years… And had cash to spare. Not that I would recommend it. Or, again, that have any practical experience to offer. I’m just saying…

Oh, never mind…

Bank manager gives woman loans for sex – [Yahoo/Reuters]


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