People! Respect your elders. Or else…

Today you get an interesting lesson in truth about family. “Blood” is not always family. It helps to be of the same blood, but it does not automatically make you family. Or deserving of the benefits thereof:

The family of a wealthy British pensioner who left her entire fortune to the owners of a Chinese restaurant failed Friday in a legl bid to have her will declared invalid.

Nephews and nieces of Golda “Goldie” Bechal claimed that she was of unsound mind when she made the will leaving 10 million pounds (13.9 million euros, 20 million dollars) to her Kim Sing Man and his wife Bee Lian Man.  – [Yahoo/AFP]

Now I’m sure this all came as a shock to this old Brits nephews and nieces to find that they would be getting cut off from access to a healthy 10 Mil. pounds. But you know what? It makes a whole lot of sense. Why not leave your money to people who you feel close to, who feel more like family than your real family?

It’s funny how often I see people treat their elderly relatives like unwanted baggage. Especially here in the US. Perhaps if people started bequeathing their belongings to the people who they thought were better family, people would take much better care of their elderly relatives than they do now. Seriously. What would it take? Laws that make parental neglect a criminal offence, like it now is in India?What is even more striking to me in this case is how her nieces and nephews wasted no time in branding her insane when they found out they had lost out on a large chunk of cash. Insane? They said she was insane!!? Really? In my mind, that action, in and of itself, more than justifies the decision the old Brit took.

Perhaps if they had paid her as much attention as those Chinese restaurant owners, who, by all accounts, appear to be very nice people, they might have received an equal amount of appreciation in return…


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