Polish couple caught in compromising situation…

What follows is a good illustration of how to tell your marriage is on a steep downhill decline:

A Polish man got the shock of his life when he visited a brothel and spotted his wife among the establishment’s employees. – [Yahoo/Reuters]

LOL, … Whut?

Apparently the husband was flabbergasted. Shoot, the wife should have been equally flabbergasted. Flabberwhelmed more like it. Flabberwhelmation should have occured all around. And the sad thing is, now they are getting a divorce.

My question is… Why the divorce? Why now? Obviously, the wife has been sleeping with more men than a bunny rabbit on a balmy midsummers month, and the husband has been sleeping with all of her co workers, as it were, and yet they still both came home at night, for 14 years, and didn’t feel the need to try and kill each other. That’s impressive.

Now that it’s all out on the table, why ruin a good thing? Why not go all the way with it? If it were me, I’d be like, “So how much?”, and take it from there. Who knows. Might put the spark back into their marriage. But why not take it one step further? Why not see if we could work out an agreement where I could be her pimp. She’d never have to leave home. I’d provide protection, check all the guys out, make sure she’s got protection, start a website, sell the porn, you know, be her business manager… The works…

People these days. No business acumen. What a waste…

What are you doing here? – man asks wife at brothel – [Yahoo/Reuters]


2 Responses to “Polish couple caught in compromising situation…”

  1. May 3, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Wowza. I would like to know the stories they each told each other to explain what the heck they were doing late nights…

  2. May 4, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    LOL Yeah, they had to have come up with some doozies… LOL

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