Have people no respect for the dead?

Two New York men wheeled the corpse of their friend around the sidewalks of midtown Manhattan in an office chair in a failed attempt to cash his $355 Social Security check, police said. – [Yahoo/Reuters]

You know what? This is wrong. Wrong like four thumbs and a pinkey wrong. An office chair? They couldn’t even spring for a rascal? Or even a wheel chair? What the heck?! Seriously, if, at my passing, any of my friends wheels me about in an office chair after I’m dead, I will come back, get up and smack them upside the head, twice, maybe thrice, and probably kick them in the shins for good measure.

Then I’d collect my last social security check, give it to the poor, notify the social security administration of my passing (in writing), break into their house, eat all of their food, being sure to finish all of the good alcohol, then call the police before finally crashing on their couch for the last time with a hand written note that says “This cheap bastige poisoned me.” clenched in my cold dead hand…

In fact, forget the freaking wheelchair, any of you blasted freeloaders reading this, if you ever try this with me, you better have a limo ready or my corpse is gonna open up a can of 100% USDA zombie butt kicking on your pathetic little hiene…

Men wheel out corpse in bid to cash check – [Yahoo/Reuters]


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