Calling off a wedding… A $150,000 mistake?

read something today that I found rather intensely disturbing. A Jilted Bride sued her former fiancee for $150,000 for calling off the wedding… and won.

You know, I’m not quite sure what to make of this. The details provided were rather… interesting.

The Bride claimed that she had lost a lot because she had left a $80,000 job for a $30,000 one so she could be closer to him.

For instance the fact that the husband-to-be broke up with her using a post it note stuck in the bathroom. I mean I’m no Casanova, but if I’m going to break up with someone I loved enough to get married to, it certainly wouldn’t be via post it note stuck on the bathroom mirror. He’s definitely got issues…

What is even more interesting was his reasoning for breaking up with her. Apparently he decided to call it all off because he found out she had a whole lot of debt… OK… LOL… Whut? Must be some serious debt!! That or there is something else wrong with this woman, besides a penchant for suing for being dumped.

Then there is the issue that the lawyer apparently argued that the whole marriage was a scam, and that he never intended to marry her. And yet it is on record that he paid off $30,000 of her personal debt, as well as buying her an apparently expensive ring. Doesn’t really sound like the actions of someone who wasn’t serious about getting married, but what do I know.

Am I missing something here? I may be a bit old fashioned, but this all sounds a little weird. There are a lot of good points all around, but it seems like there are a gazillion unanswered questions. Like how can you get married with someone and not know how much they owe in debt? And as a person up to their eyeballs in debt, why would you move from a high paying position to such a lower paying one?

And no, I loved him and wanted to be closer is not a good enough reason. Seriously, the debt conversation should have happened before the move ever occurred… If she knew how much debt she had, and still moved, of her own volition, despite this, and without disclosing any of this to him, then she has no one to blame but herself. You cannot go into a relationship and expect your significant other to suddenly take care of all of your financial obligations, especially if you have not been up front and honest about them to begin with.

I can understand she lost a high paying job on his account, but at the same time, he’s also paid of a sizable chunk of her debt. It has cost both of them a lot. I don’t really see how he now has to be liable for anything more of the debt that she racked up all on her own.

But what really gets me is this. The way jury’s determine lawsuits nowadays, the law and common sense don’t even seem to matter any more. Our society is so jacked up and self serving, that it will soon get to the point where it will be cheaper to go to a prostitute than it will be get engaged with someone and break up.

Because apparently, nowadays, in the eyes of a jury, nobody is responsible for their own actions any more, and any past debts and subsequent breakup pain can be subject to substantial punitive damages upon the other party. Any other party. No, really…. People will make money by just having drive-by lawsuits…

Hey don’t shoot the messenger… I’m just saying…

Jilted Bride Awarded $150K After Wedding Called Off – [WBSTV.com]


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