By this point it should be apparent that this blog will frequently touch on topics that may be controversial, emotionally charged, and highly divisive. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that regardless of your feelings on the subject matter, I will require that any posters present their thoughts in an organized, and positive fashion. To that end, I have laid out a set of guidelines to help keep everyone honest.

  1. First and foremost: No prejudicial comments or slurs of any kind, racist, sexist, religious, lifestyle or otherwise. This rule shall remain inviolate within this blog.
  2. Please try to leave any overwhelming emotions at the door. The sole purpose of this blog is to present ideas an opinions in as objective, clear and positive fashion as possible. I want to hear everyones point of view, even those that disagree with mine, but they must be expressed in a constructive, objective, coherent and preferably concise fashion.
  3. No cursing, swearing or profanity.
  4. Please make the utmost effort to formulate and communicate your thoughts clearly.
  5. Please think about what you are going to say very carefully before you hit that “Submit Comment” button.
  6. Please make your comments as concise as possible.
  7. Use common, simple English as much as possible.
  8. Please try to avoid any internet slang like 1337 5p34k or IM lingo. Or 1 shall pwn j00 w my 1337 h4xxor 5k1llz…
  9. Always use the spell checker. It’s real easy. You could, of course, opt not to do this. But that might just make you just look stupid. I know I feel pretty stupid every time I post something with a spelling error… But to each his own… 🙂

I am all about free speech, but I also believe free speech is a valueless right if one cannot constructively communicate their thoughts and ideas. I will always make an honest effort to maintain the integrity of any constructive criticisms in a post, but if all I see is baseless negativity, it’s going in the trash. Breaking any one of rules 1 through 3 will almost certainly get your post edited or deleted, with an extreme bias for the latter…

I have also set up two comment pages:

The Suggestion Box – for general comments not related to a post, or specific to a page.

The Flame Pit – for any random venting, flaming, pointless rants. For when ya just gotta…

Well ladies and gentlemen, we realize you have a wide range of airlines that you could choose, and are thankful that you have given us the opportunity to meet your travel needs. Please keep your posts as positive, honest and objective as possible. We only request that there be no intolerance, prejudice, smoking or flaming while in-flight. Thanks again for flying Phyre Blade air, and have a pleasant day…


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