OK so this is the page where I tell you a lot of things about me, that tell you absolutely nothing. Confused? Good. Read on…

Well, where do I begin. Many moons ago when I was but a twinkle in my fathers eye… No? You’re right, I suppose that’s too far back. I guess I’ll start of by saying I was born in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. In Michigan. Detroit. After moving around a bit (a side effect of which I seem to be afflicted by a condition known as the “wanderlust“) My family moved to Africa, where I spent most of my youth, with the occasional jaunt to Europe, where a good number of my relatives lived. Suffice to say I got around.

However when I became of college age, I returned to the US, where my education, and roaming (what a surprise!) continued. 7 states and 4 colleges later, I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time in front of a keyboard, and decide to do something interesting (and hopefully useful) with my time. Well, I figure, at this point, I’ve spent a good chunk of my life immersed in a couple of different cultures. Perhaps I’ve learned something. Let’s put it out there and see what happens. And BAM! Just like that, a new blog is born. Gotta love technology.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. Wait, I don’t fit in a nutshell… Well that would be me in a nutshell after losing a *few* pounds… Errr, maybe not. Let’s just call it the Readers Digest Condensed version of “The life and times of Phyreblade”. If you want a little more personal detail, I have a MySpace page. Not that it will help or anything. I just like telling people I have a MySpace page… Errr… Yeah… The name is Phyreblade. And yes. I am quite the antisocial nut job… Or so people tell me… On some days I’m not sure…


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