Welcome. This blog has been created for the express purpose of exploring thoughts and ideas that are of interest to me. Some of them may be controversial, foreign or highly politically charged in nature. Many of these thoughts may differ wildly from your own. Some may even raise emotions and that are difficult to deal with, and may go so far as to infuriate. The intent of this blog is not to offend or affront, but to present my own personal ideas, opinions and commentary on what I see around me as honestly and objectively as possible. With the occasional injection of humor.

As human beings, we are all subject to emotions, experiences, prejudices, fears and hang-ups. These human weaknesses control us in many subtle ways, often resulting in thoughts and actions that are knowingly or unknowingly undesirable to us and others around us. I believe it is only by objectively probing these dark and sensitive and painful areas that we will be able to discover the real reasons that people do what they do, and learn to overcome those characteristics that are undesirable within us.

I am neither a preacher nor a politician, and as such I do not intend to threat this blog like a pulpit nor a podium. Nothing I say in this blog is intended to judge, offend, insult or harm to anyone, though there are many things that I believe that can and will inadvertently do so, no matter how hard I try.

As much as is humanly possible I will always try to make my observations in a good and honest (and sometimes humorous) spirit, and it is my hope that this how readers will take what is said. This blog is intended to be a place where I can offer up my observations and opinions for others to see and, in return, offer alternatives or critiques, in the hopes that in seeing the wide and varied points of view on any given topic, we will all find ourselves each day closer to understanding each other, and in so doing, ourselves.


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