I talked about Amygdala Hijacking in my “How to become a Subjective Objectivist” page. Amygdalic hijacking is a common occurrence, and is a Subjective Objectivists mortal enemy, as it derails the objective thinking process entirely. I thought this was a topic for which a little more detail might benefit people, so I have a couple of links below to some great posts from other sites that should help give you a better idea of how Amygdala Hijacking works, and some ways to prevent yourself from becoming an inadvertent hijackee…

The Amygdala Hijack – [Hear what they see]
I included this first because it presents a good example of what Amygdala Hijacking is not. Amygdala hijacking is a physiological response to external stimuli, it does not react in a logical fashion, nor does it control how you have been trained to respond to certain things. You have to learn how to determine whether your responses are appropriate or not. You will often even have to unlearn certain illogical responses, so that your amygdala doesn’t have any inappropriate emotions to amplify out of control. The key is to make a concerted effort to keep the logical part of your brain functioning, so as to avoid getting hijacked by your amygdala, the moment you feel it start it’s dirty work…

Emotional Intelligence – Stop Amygdala Hijackings – [Shel Horowitz]
This is an excellent article on recognizing and controlling Amygdala Hijacking.

Anger: Managing the Amygdala Hijack – [Life at the Bar]
This is another excellent post which describes, using a practical example, the effects of Amygdala hijacking, and some ways to deal with the problem.

Finally, I highly, highly, recommend the book “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ” by Daniel Goleman. This is required reading for anyone who wants to become an Subjective Objectivist. Goleman covers all of the bases in this book. If you really want to understand how your emotional mind works, this is the place to start.

Good Luck!


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